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But does the digital diet do anything in the long run? You can test the cell phone diet on yourself. You will see how much more time you have to do other things like playing Bizzo Casino.

3.7 hours a day – that is how much time we spent on our cell phones in 2019, according to a study. And more than 100 times a day every:r fourth Millennial checked his cell phone, according to the results of a 2017 study.

You think that sometimes gets to you, too. The smartphone has become a constant companion – it even comes with me shopping. It’s the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do in the evening.

One is not exactly proud of this development, but it just happened that way and, unfortunately, it has become pretty normal. Each of us spends several hours a day on the mini-computer.

Now you might ask: What can you do on your cell phone so often and for so long? You check your news, the weather, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, your mails, and when you’re done with all that, you can start all over again without any problems – and it could be that this is the reason why smartphones can be addictive: Something is guaranteed to happen again. Something is always new. Something you definitely haven’t seen yet.



Of course, it is easiest if you can get away, at least take a trip – and just leave your cell phone at home. For smaller smartphone diets, however, you do not need a vacation. In many cases, a weekend is enough.

Some people find it difficult to do without their cell phones for a whole day. But it is worth persevering. Here are a few arguments in favor of the smartphone diet.



Smartphone diet: Live for a week without a cell phone?

That speaks for a digital diet and the renunciation of the cell phone:

You suddenly have so much time – if two to three hours (yes, that is how much time we actually spend with our smartphone on average per day!) are suddenly left over, there is a whole lot of time left over. I used to think I did not have time to read because of work, but now I realize the cell phone is to blame – and thanks to the cell phone diet, I’m suddenly devouring magazines and books again. 

You are more focused – when your cell phone is not constantly next to you, you can concentrate much better. Just the possibility that something might happen on your smartphone makes you anxious. Of course, if there’s also a push message, notification or text coming in every few minutes, that doesn’t make it any better. The digital diet helps you focus.

You feel better – without social media, without Instagram, without comparison. Since everyone only posts the chocolate sides of their lives, you think only good things are happening with everyone else – even if only subconsciously. Studies show that this makes people unhappy in the long run. After just a few days of living without a smartphone, you are completely back in your own life and not in the lives of people you do not know at all or only a little.

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