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Top 5 tips for real money with poker

To make it clear: earning money with poker is not easy, especially if you go about it unplanned, you will quickly suffer shipwreck. Because only with a poker money earning strategy a safe income can be obtained also in the long term seen. Even if you have been successful as a hobby player for years, you should not simply put all your eggs in one basket and take the plunge to become a professional poker player.

Although all professionals were also hobby players at some point, some basic requirements must first be met. This includes, for example, a certain financial background, so that even lean periods without income can be bridged without any problems. The following tips will help you to earn money with poker online.

1st tip: Poker as a side business

Many think that a professional player only has fun and that his life is a bed of roses. In fact, there is a negative downside: a professional poker player constantly lives with the fear of not having enough income to live on. Besides, it takes a whole lot of self-discipline, no one can just enjoy a lot of free time and think that the money will come by itself.

If you have a well-paying job, you shouldn’t give it up just because of poker. Instead, it helps to start out as a sideline and try out whether you have what it takes to be a professional poker player. It has proven itself to exchange with other players, for example, with others who also earn money with poker in a forum.

2nd tip: Gather experience

2nd tip: Gather experience

Only those who have a wealth of experience should try to earn money with online poker. A rule of thumb says that the poker player should not only have already played numerous hands, but before he even considers becoming a poker pro, he must have generated a decent profit. Those who are successful over a few weeks or months may just be on a roll.

Only exceptionally talented players should consider making a living as a poker pro. Therefore, it is advisable to first try out over a longer period of at least a year how much profit actually accrues before even considering making poker a career and hanging up your job.

3rd tip: Use strategies

A very important tip comes from a forum: in the online poker money making forum it is advised to develop and apply strategies. However, this can only be done by those who have a wealth of experience. Strategies are an important means of winning at poker games.

This means that before playing, the player comes up with a strategy that he will follow in order to make profits in this way. While it is not so easy online to confuse your opponent in a tournament, it is still doable.

4th tip: Create reserves

4th tip: Create reserves

There are always lean periods, this can be for example because the player has a streak of bad luck and loses many games in a row. Or if the player is a tournament player and there are currently no important events.

Therefore, it is extremely important for such cases to have reserves. In an emergency, a poker professional must be able to live for several months without income. If you have these reserves, you can start thinking about a career in poker. Without this background, however, we advise against it.

Tip 5: Choose your stakes wisely

Money management is another important aspect. This term is used to describe everything that is used to manage finances. This includes, for example, that the stakes fit the bankroll. A rule of thumb says that in cash games, the buy-in should not be more than one percent of the total budget.

Only when the bankroll has increased due to successful play can higher stakes be placed. For example, if you have a bankroll of €1000, you can buy in with ten euros at 0.05/0.10 tables. In addition, it has proven to start with low stakes and increase them later.

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