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four best games

The four best games to win in an online casino

In 2016 a Canadian won more than €11 million playing a single round on the slot machine.

Internet gambling sites proliferate at a high speed as well as the different options they offer users to bet. Find below the ‘top 4’ most popular online casino games that will allow you to enjoy and win money without leaving home.

Slot machines

They are considered the most popular games in all online casinos around the world, since they offer the possibility of winning big prizes. Nowadays, there are thousands of options to choose from virtually, each one of them with special features that will make all the spins you make different.

What is the best thing about these machines? You do not need to know the rules to be able to play, since they are based on the user’s luck and not on skill, so, if you are interested, you could register right now in a casino and start participating.



Roulette is another very prominent casino game, as it has always attracted the attention of players who want to be in front of a table while playing with a dealer and other people.

Within online casinos roulette still works the same way, but with the advantage of being able to play from home and live. The only thing you have to do is to try to guess the number on which the thrown ball will land and base your strategies on improving the betting rates, everything else will be a matter of luck. The most popular versions are French, European and American roulette.



Next to poker, Blackjack is the most popular card game among expert casino players, as those who know and understand the rules well will be able to increase their chances of winning against other participants.

Although luck plays its role, you can always develop strategies with the cards you have in your hands and those shown by the dealer. To win a game online, you only need to have a better score than the dealer, you don’t need to score the exact 21 points.


When talking about craps in the online casino, most players immediately think of craps, a similar game in which your goal is to guess certain random combinations correctly.

In this case, the rules are more complex compared to Blackjack or slot machines, as one roll of the dice is not enough to decide whether you win or lose.

One of the most striking benefits offered by these online casino games is that most platforms have free demos available where you can practice as long as you want without having to risk your money. What are you waiting for, start playing!

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